3 of the best special ops watches for an adventure ready wrist

3 of the best special ops watches for an adventure ready wrist

It goes without saying that not all watches are created equal and if you need a timepiece to keep pace with an adventurous pace of living, there are only a few that need apply. Whether you’re deployed on the front lines or part of the thin blue line, you need a watch that can tackle everything that your line of work will throw at it and, for this, only a special ops style watch will do.

Those who operate in dangerous and adventurous scenarios are regularly going to face stresses and strains that the rest of us won’t encounter day in, day out. As such, their choice of watch needs to reflect this fact and you’ll need to pick wisely to make sure your chosen wrist accessory doesn’t meet an untimely demise. Needless to say, you’ll likely have to spend a little more on a special ops watch because it needs to do more than the average watch but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality and it will undoubtedly repay you down the line.

So, you’re ready to invest in an adventure ready watch? Well, at MTM we’ve established a reputation for offering some of the very best in the business and have thousands of satisfied customers who operate in all sorts of dangerous situations and rely on the competence and performance of their timepiece. We boast a masterful collection of military watches that are both tactical and sophisticated.Take a look at 3 of our most uncompromising, top-performing special-ops watches below:


Black Predator II 


Black Predator II

$1,075 – $1,195



As soon as you see some watches, you know they’re a different beast entirely and that’s definitely a compliment that can be paid to the MTM Special Ops Black Predator II watch ($1075-1195). It can withstand service under the most uncompromising of conditions be it weather, terrain or scenario. This no-nonsense timepiece boasts three dial chronograph which is so accurate that it is capable of measuring down to one tenth of a second.

Perfect for operating in low light conditions, the dial is illuminated with tritium glowing hands that will make seeing the time at a glance in the dark much easier. It comes with either a solid 316L stainless steel or titanium watch case and/or band which guarantees its unparalleled strength and resilience in the field which makes it suitable for many years of use. The locking screw-down crown helps to protect the Special Ops Black Predator II from water damage to help its depth protection of up to 200 meters/660 feet.


Gray Silencer


GRAY Silencer




Silence might be golden but the MTM Silencer Watch ($1070) is so much more. This quality, special-ops watch is a robust, rugged digital analog timepiece that is a trademark Special Ops model and will never let you down when push comes to shove out in the field. Each one is packed to the brim with tactical functionality which means this military wristwatch has something for everybody. The digital LED display, which is brought to life by the luminous index and hands, provides an alarm, various time zones, seconds, minutes, and much more besides. Speed is of the essence when in dangerous situations and the Silencer lets you rapidly alternate between functions by deploying the water-resistant locking pushers. The MTM Silencer has features aplenty which includes an internal light-mode, up to 3-seconds per actuation for simple reading, and an external light-mode, which boasts two bright white LEDs for flashlight and emergency strobe functions in a pinch or dangerous situation where help is required. 

This top-class timepiece is properly protected by its stainless-steel case and sapphire crystal glass which are two of the most robust materials on the planet. The Silencer Watch can withstand many different environments and with so many functions available in one cool watch, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular piece with front line personnel the world over. To recharge, you just need place the watch on the included electromagnetic induction charger. Each watch comes with overcharge protection and low battery alert to make sure you know when it’s close to running on empty. Each recharge lasts for approximately 4 months under the following conditions: Starting with a full charge with one beeper alert, one vibration alert, and 20 seconds of external LED light actuation per day.


Black Patriot

MTM Black Patriot Orange Dial

Black Patriot




Immeasurably hard-wearing and battle tested, the MTM Black Patriot Watch truly is a sight to behold on any wrist and perfectly balances war-ready performance with bold, vibrant visuals. With the Orange Dial and Black Titanium Band it certainly stands out in a crowd but can be relied on whenever the battle gets heated. It can be worn confidently by combatants and patriots alike for many demanding years to come and will rapidly become one of your favorite watches in your lineup.

The MTM Black Patriot chronograph watch is no shrinking violet and positively demands to be thrust into action such is its battle-ready nature. It is a tactical and exceptionably robust military timepiece that has an eye-catching orange brass dial, subdials and a solid 316L stainless steel or titanium case that won’t let you down come rain or shine. The Black Patriot is protected with a locking screw down crown to ensure a thoroughly impressive water resistance depth of 660 feet which means it’s also ready for any underwater adventures that might be afoot for its wearer. As one of the best military watches for men on the market, the MTM Black Patriot is a classic and favorite for active duty military, veterans, police officers and firefighters alike. This supremely hard-wearing and devilishly dynamic timepiece takes its inspiration directly from the strength of all Patriots and all their freedoms. ($1100)


So, if you find yourself in need of a new special ops watch this fall, the three above will more than fit the bill and are amongst our most popular amongst serving members of the military. Robust, ready for any scenario and impeccably designed and crafted we’re rightly as proud of making these watches as you are of wearing them.