Amanda Rose

US Veteran, CID Special agenT, And Entrepreneur

You know that moment when something in your life comes full circle? You realize you are where you are because of something that at the time, seemed small and insignificant. This is my moment. I am in this exact time and place in my life because of MTM watch. This isn’t a sit on the edge of your seat, lifesaving story. It’s just my life. This picture was taken the first day I met my future husband. In the snow, in the mountains, doing a project for MTM. Little did I know at the time; my life would soon change.

There is a moment many face while entering the unknown. It’s a gradual process; taking hold not over days, but years, and often, entire lifetimes. After the events of September 11th, Amanda Rose was inspired. The actions of a spineless few that took the lives of nearly 3000 Americans moved her to a life of protection; she joined the military and become a member of the Military Police; which progressed into a role of Army Criminal Investigative Special Agent (CID) and eventually into a role of a civilian in the Intel community.

Upon entering into the field of law enforcement, Amanda immediately realized how personally the role became.  Having grown up in a lesser affluent town, she saw first-hand how easy it was for people to turn a blind eye to certain issues; that the people who needed protection the most, were the ones who were being ignored. “I promised myself that one day I would fight to give other little girls a voice and show them that they are not to blame for their circumstances.”  The ones that have been given a second chance at life – the ones who felt peace and comfort – “they were the driving force in doing what I do.”

With experiences spanning a wide vertical of areas, Amanda holds a degree in Exercise Science, which led her to take on the role as the State Project Coordinator for the new Army Combat Fitness Test. In that role, Amanda lead in the design and execution of a training program helping others train and recover from injuries, educate Soldiers on the test, the importance of it and how to prepare.

In her personal life Amanda works with Rafiki Safari’s, a non-profit that brings once-in-a-lifetime hunting trips, based out of Africa, to Veterans as a form of therapy. She has made it her life’s work to ensure that she can be a voice for the voiceless, a helping hand in protecting those who need it most.

MTM Image 8
Status - Female

I came across MTM awhile back. Having served in the military and working for a three letter Agency- your gear is kind of a big deal. Who has the newest what or how cool is this other thing? It’s always fun wearing something badass and someone asking you about it. Especially younger privates that you’re molding into future leaders. I love getting to tell someone about all the unique features MTM watches have and why they are so different from your run of the mill watch. Especially my Smart watch. I can wear it in uniform, and no one knows the difference because it’s rugged and durable, looks tactical and blends right in.

I  Being a huge fan of MTM watches, I was over the moon when they had asked me to become their first female brand ambassador. I was already living the MTM life with their Vulture. As a Special Agent, I thought it was the coolest watch, having the ability to detect blood splatter that was naked to the human eye. I absolutely wanted to continue representing the brand throughout my day to day living. It meant getting to hang out with awesome little girls who wanted to be just like me and speak at FOX news about veteran owned businesses. 

There aren’t many companies that speak to the female influence in the tactical world. Having the opportunity to represent women of my background all over has been an honor. MTM truly embedded itself into my life. From hiking, traveling, working, or just fun adventures, it seemed like these watches were always by my side. 

Back to meeting my future husband on that snowy day in the mountains of Idaho. 

We never stopped talking after our first photoshoot together. Two complete strangers with a common hobby of guns and gear. Who knew we would soon fall in love? Almost exactly a year later, he took me back to the mountains of Idaho, to take pictures with our favorite guns and gear, just like the day we met. Unbeknownst to me…

MTM would once again forever place itself in my life. The moment my life came full circle. Never would I have thought, that first day I slipped on a beautifully crafted MTM watch, that it would bring me to my future husband, bring me to living in the amazing state of Idaho and build my life into the one I am living today. Never would I have thought, working on that project for MTM that one day with this complete stranger, would have brought me here. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am proud to wear MTM, I am honored to represent MTM, I AM MTM.