A deep dive into our Lumi Black Air Stryk II

A deep dive into our Lumi Black Air Stryk II

Want a black pilot watch? Look no further

There is an inherent stealthiness to pilot watches and a certain cache to wearing one that, quite frankly, is impossible to ignore. If you really want to ramp up the stealthy aesthetic of your chosen wristwatch, a black pilot watch is definitely the way to go and they don’t come much cooler, adventure ready and highly robust than our Lumi Black Stryk II Pilot Watch. 

Designed with action in mind, this exemplary timepiece has rapidly become one of the most popular from the MTM stable and the quality it represents is second to none – even if we do say so ourselves. Pilots watches come in all types, shapes and sizes of course, but will have various features and functionality that tie them together – many of which you’ll witness in the Lumi Black Air Stryk II. This black pilot watch retails at $1380 and will tick all the boxes for any man who is seeking out abundant style, durability and best performance from their choice of timepiece. 

It has a stylish Carbon Lumi black Dial and Black Nylon strap, and this makes it an elite analog digital aviation timepiece that sits head and shoulders above the competition. This particular offering is an update to the first MTM Air Stryk version, and enhances it in a number of ways to make it a stand out watch for any aviation aficionado’s timepiece collection. But what makes this particular pilot watch so special?




Aviation and travel-style watches have experienced a real resurgence in popularity over the last few years and we’d like to think that it is timepieces like our Lumi Black Air Stryk II that helped make this the case.  At MTM, we pride ourselves on the American made excellence of our watches and, being founded by ex-military members, there is an authenticity to the calibre of our creations. MTM are built upon the ethos of precision and military/air force-inspired timepieces, and we don’t release any model that we don’t believe would be suitable for use by today’s serving military personnel. That’s something which shines through in the quality of the Black Air Stryk II Pilot Watch.

Each one of our classic, dependable watches has been designed, engineered and meticulously assembled in our downtown Los Angeles headquarters and as a patriotic, American watchmaker brand, we rightly take great pride in every timepiece that we release onto the market. The Lumi Black Air Stryk II rapidly became one of our most loved creations because of what it represents and the calibre of performance it is capable of producing day in, day out. If you’re in the market for one of the best pilot watches available, trust us – this is the one for you.

We poured our heart and soul in the construction of our Lumi Black Air Stryk II Pilot Watch and it is the perfect entry level luxury watch for anyone who needs the ultimate in aviation timepieces, without having to break the bank. This adventure-orientated timepiece boasts a black DLC-coated case, a locking, screw down crown and carbon lumi dial that delivers exceptional visibility in low-light conditions. It is a flying men’s watch which delivers a precise analog and digital timekeeping performance. 



The digital display on the Air Stryk II is one of the most versatile you’re likely to encounter on a pilot watch at this price point. Not only can it be used as a compass, time/date display, and provide time for different time zones, it is also an alarm, and much more besides. This sophisticated and hard-wearing timepiece also features luminous index and hands, which makes it straightforward to read in the dark – such as diving or when heading on airborne adventures. Moreover, its solid titanium case and 330-feet of water resistance put this watch on another level of performance. 

Built for everyday tactical use, on land, sea or the skies, the Black Air Stryk II is ready for action wherever your adventures may take you and this will make a great black pilot watch addition for any man in the market for a new aviation-inspired timepiece. The more you examine the components and materials used in our Lumi Stryk II Black Pilot Watch, the more impressive the sub-$1500 price tag should appear. It’s not often you see features like a proprietary Swiss Ronda quartz movement which, in chronograph mode, offers a measuring Range of 23 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59.99 Seconds + 10 Lap Records.

It offers an array of options that you’d demand from a sleek pilot watch, including an impressive array of timezones (58 Cities + My City), 5 Daily or Scheduled Alarms, 100m water resistance, a split Carbon Fiber/Matte Brass easy to read dial, sapphire Crystal; Anti Reflective & Scratch Resistant Glass With Ultraviolet Protective Coating and powered by a lithium battery rated at 3 years. Each one of these black pilot watches is individually numbered so it will be completely unique and original to you and the adventures that you embark on.

When buying a new pilot watch, you’ll want it to offer certain performance benchmarks and you’ll find that our Stryk II Black Pilot Watch meets and exceeds expectations in this regard. It represents exceptional value for money when lined up alongside more expensive aviation watches on the market and it will always be one of our favourite releases here at MTM. It offers a military-class performance that really makes it a stand out contender to be your next timepiece if you’re of an adventurous mindset and need a watch that can keep pace with your endeavours.

Check out some of the best examples of our Black Air Stryk II range below.

black/green air stryk ii PILOT WATCH




Black/yellow Air Stryk II PILOT WATCH




Black/blue Air Stryk II PILOT WATCH




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