EJ Snyder Wears MTM SEAL Watch on Dual Survival

In this awesome new Discovery Channel series of Dual Survival, EJ “Skullcrusher” Snyder, well known from Naked & Afraid, takes his MTM Special Ops SEAL watch with him as he conquers the wild with his survival partner Jeff Zausch. The series began on August 24th, 2016 and will air every Wednesday night at 9PM EST until October 5th, 2016, so don’t miss out!

During EJ’s new TV show, Dual Survival, he sets out on expedition in vast and isolated locations, such as the jungles of Brazil (picture above), parts of Africa, the bowels of a deep cavern in the country of Georgia and different US locations. EJ Snyder is in his element in regions where civilization is non-existent and attempts to not only survive the elements but thrive through innovation, strategy and bravery. EJ Snyder is an all-around expert survivalist and a 25 year US Army Veteran. He is an Army Ranger and combat veteran of both the Gulf and Iraq War. MTM Special Ops honors EJ for his dedicated commitment and service to his country. With a ‘no-fear’ approach to life and adventure, EJ needed a wristwatch that would stand the test of time in a harsh and hard-hitting environment. He took his MTM Special Ops Black SEAL Watch with him during the filming of each Dual Survival show within the new season.

EJ Snyder Talks About The MTM Special Ops SEAL Watch

When we asked EJ how he enjoyed wearing the watch during the episodes, he replied, “I wore it all the time, everywhere, out there, traveling, and even have it on now. I just love it. It held up great, extremely durable. It really holds up so well, very nicely crafted, and takes a beating. I get so many compliments on it but it is seriously one tough watch, just like me. Works brilliantly, great lamination for night use, and waterproof as hell totally soaked in the river, ocean, and rain storm. High altitudes of over 7000 feet rock climbing and rappelling and plenty of flight time too. I would highly recommend this watch to everyone who is on Spec Ops, Law Enforcement, or any adventuring activities. My fave part of the watch is just how tough it is.”

As an extreme survivalist and Army Ranger combat veteran, there may not have been a better person to test and review an MTM Special Ops Watch for durable, rugged and tactical use. Exactly what MTM Special Ops Watches are built for…. action, adventure and combat! We hope that you tune in to the upcoming episodes on the Discovery Channel and are able to spot the MTM SEAL watch in certain scenes. Please visit EJ’s Facebook Fan Page and website to learn more. You can also follow him and his survival adventures on Instagram and Twitter.