Silencer Review By Can You Handlebar

Here at MTM Special Ops, we are thankful for all of our customers and loyal followers. We would not be who and where we are without all of you & your continued support, so thank you! As we gear up to celebrate the holidays we want to share the MTM Special Ops Silencer Watch Review gracefully written by Author Dan Hamilton with Can You Handlebar.

Dan is a former USAF pilot, gear junkie, adventure traveler, family man and entrepreneur. More often than not he partakes in outdoor activities, needless to say he knows a good watch and great gear when he sees it. As a fighter pilot he understands and appreciates highly functional and useful timepieces.

Strong MTM Silencer Watch Review By Breach Bang Clear

In case you ever wondered just how strong MTM watches really are and how much damage they can do if used inappropriately, Breach Bang Clear author Mad Duo Chris has answered that question in his latest review for the MTM Silencer watch here. We hope you enjoy the review as it contains a mix of humor and useful facts.

Review author, Mad Duo Chris served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is a veteran of the Marine Corps, the Army National Guard and Police Force. Since leaving the force, Chris has written several war books, military novels, and several blogs, including his own. The title of the review is MTM Silencer: A Watch You can Beat a Donkey to Death With, and let us tell you, it’s not an understatement. The MTM Silencer watch along with its Special Ops collection counterparts boast in durability and ruggedness.

MTM Special Ops Silencer

If you are looking for a tactical, badass watch that can handle the outdoor with ease and has some great hidden features, then the Silencer is a great consideration. I know personally it can handle adventures on land and sea. I put it through a lot and it didn’t miss a beat.