MTM Exhibits at SHOT Show

MTM exhibited several new models at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the watch models to be introduced, was the MTM RAD….a one of a kind, radiation detecting wristwatch. This new MTM Special Ops RAD Watch is limited edition. The MTM Rad detects gamma-radiation levels through a Geiger-Muller counter within the watch case and displays dose-equivalent rates of radiation through its digital display on the face of the watch. This highly anticipated and extremely unique watch for men has been requested and sought by many military and law enforcement officers. The MTM Special Ops RAD watch is available in black, silver or grey. Please view its collection page for further details, specification and cost.

Another recent addition to the MTM collection is the sporty and stylish Hypertec model. The Hypertec watch line has been updated to include a rose colored case. The Hypertec watch offers dozens of variations in dial and band combinations, as well three different watch case finishes to acquire an individual look and feel. Please view the Hypertec and Hypertec Chrono watch collection for details.

The SHOT Show in Las Vegas was a very successful event for MTM and the Special Ops Watch collection, as thousands of gun, military, adventure and watch enthusiasts gathered in the wildest place in the USA to be consumed with new products and gadgets of their desire. We hope to continue our presence at SHOT Show in coming years and we hope to see you there!