New Website Launch

We are extremely proud and pleased to have officially announced the launch of our new website earlier this month. The new MTM Special Ops Watch website,, features a complete redesign with a full-scale watch customization platform, allowing our guests and customers alike to tailor and modify their order before purchase. The various customization options available are unique to MTM and Special Ops Watches, ranging from case color and material to bezel, band and dial design preferences.


Every aspect of our new website has been completely redesigned and redeveloped, head to toe. The layout was inspired and accomplished through modern web development, design trends and technology. Focusing on our customer’s experience and journey, we asked ourselves how we could more effectively present our brand, products, purpose and mission in accordance with its original heritage and history.


This new site is much more mobile-friendly and responsive to all screen sizes, displaying all MTM watches across any device in any location with the ability to fully customize and place your order. We hope that all of our website visitors are able to enjoy the same experience across all of their devices in any situation. It is our pleasure to provide a new look and feel to MTM Special Ops Watches. As our website, brand and company continue to grow and evolve over time, as it has for over 25 years, so does its watch collection. In the near future, we will be releasing new watch models and new individual collections. Our rugged and durable military watches for men will continue to be upgraded with new features and designs. A very special and unique collection that is unlike any other MTM watch model is soon to be publically released. This limited edition and unprecedented timepiece will capture the interests of all watch collectors with a profoundly new style in the utmost watch-making quality, consider yourself warned. Please stay tuned via our Facebook Page and our news and events page. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our website for all the latest MTM news and promotions.