MTM Black Cobra Review

With their threatening hoods, intimidating posture and venomous bite, cobras are amongst the most iconic snakes on earth; both respected and feared. Emulating their dominant qualities in the MTM Cobra watch has been well-respected in the watch industry by both collectors and competitors.

Watch enthusiast, Stephen Mazinger, owner and author of ‘A Time to Blog Watches’ recently tested out the 47mm MTM Black Cobra and this is what he had to say… “First glance impression is tactical stealth… The Cobra achieves what MTM wanted to provide the wearer, a tactical watch, that has useful features that can be easily used in all settings, especially out in the field”. To start the review, Mazinger reminisces about his younger childhood years, when his favorite and toughest battles were between G.I. Joe & Cobra, bringing him back to the good old days. Cobra being the arch-rival and nemesis for the 1908’s all-mighty & all-American Hero, G.I. Joe.