MTM Black Falcon Review

At MTM we understand that it all comes down to what you want in a watch and what it’s worth to you. We know that when it comes to quality timepieces just as there are less expensive options with fewer features there are also more expensive options with added features. We recognize that in most social circles, besides a wedding ring, a fine timepiece is the only other piece of jewelry acceptable for a man to wear. At MTM, we make sure every one of our limited edition timepieces is reliable, bold, and sure to make a statement.

Our friend J. Darwin, law enforcement and firearm enthusiast from the Breach Bang Clear blog recently tested and reviewed the MTM Falcon. You can read the review in its entirety here: Eyes On: MTM Black Falcon. His thoughts on the watch prior to receiving it were that it was going to be heavy and overpriced. However, upon receiving and opening the watertight tactical box that each MTM watch is securely shipped in his perception quickly changed and he states “MTM does not mess around.. the thing [watch] is not light yet isn’t annoyingly heavy”. Mr. Darwin goes on to describe the Falcon and its distinct features and functions. He elaborates on the two features that interested him most, which were; the small LED lights that provide 5 different light mode sequences, and the rechargeable battery. To learn more about the MTM Falcon watch please visit its product page on the MTM Special Ops website, MTM Falcon.