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MTM Proudly stands by the efforts of the warrior heart foundation

Each year hundreds of individuals resort to alcohol and drugs to numb their pain or gain control over their lives. For many, this leads to addiction and eventually death. Intense anxiety, tremendous stress, horrific flashbacks and many other symptoms are all contributors of PTSD. The Warriors Heart Foundation, a private treatment facility, provides care for chemical dependency & PTSD for active military, veterans, law enforcement and first responders.

The foundation is driven solely through the donations of others. They give individuals and communities the tools to become self-sufficient while addressing the needs of suffering servicemen and women. MTM is donating 40% of the proceeds from Warrior Heart Special edition watches to the Warriors Heart Foundation, where they will be used to subsidize the cost of treatment for a Warrior or First Responder in need. Celebrating Law Enforcement, Military and First Responders, each version of the timepiece will feature the Warriors Heart logo in red, orange, green or blue, representing the hero communities cared for by the facility.

“MTM proudly stands by the efforts of the Warriors Heart Foundation to support programs that address the unmet needs of suffering service men and women. From chemical dependency and PTSD treatment, to service dogs and arts and culture classes, these programs give individuals and communities the tools to become self-sufficient warriors long after the support ends,” stated MTM Founder, Joe Casis.

If ignored, chemical dependency and PTSD can often lead to legal problems, incarceration and often, chronic unemployment. Getting the right treatment at the right time is extremely imperative in redirecting someone’s life for the better. The Warrior Heart Foundation stands by the people in need and invites anyone who needs assistance with open doors.

Available now through https://www.mtmwatch.com/collections/warriors-heart/  the Warriors Heart Warrior timepiece is the perfect addition to your collection; all while making a difference in the lives of our warriors and their families.

Warriors Heart Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) that accepts donation to help heal our protectors with their peers. This foundation supplements insurance costs and provides some scholarships at Warriors Heart to help our Military, Veterans and First Responders get the treatment they need and deserve. HTTPS://WWW.WARRIORSHEARTFOUNDATION.ORG