About Us

We take great pride in what we do. We see each timepiece
as a reflection of ourselves, our beliefs and what we stand for.

The DNA of our company is entwined within the inner workings of every watch that leaves our workshop.

About MTM Watch

We are Vanguards, carving our own path in the world, confident in who we are, conducting ourselves with the utmost integrity.

Built on a history of manufacturing tactical timepieces that deliver unparalleled precision and reliability, we are committed to the pursuit of creating instruments that deliver the pinnacle in performance, for the professionals that we serve.

MTM WATCH is a truly authentic American brand. Each watch is hand-built in America by highly skilled craftsmen and women, with an uncompromising level of attention to detail and quality.

The quality and durability of our watches inspire total confidence. Ready for the mission as you venture into the unknown.

Our History

Established over 30 years ago by our ex-military founder, MTM WATCH has defined itself by creating precision tactical, technical, and military-inspired timepieces to meet the exacting demands of the world’s professional standards. Designed, engineered, and assembled at our downtown Los Angeles headquarters, MTM WATCH is a proud, truly American watch company.

MTM WATCH produces timepieces that go above and beyond the tests of time. Our founder understood the demands and harsh environments tactical timepieces needed to survive in. He set out to develop and engineer innovative watches that could withstand these extreme conditions. The result is over three decades of building unique watches with revolutionary technology to meet the most complex and demanding of missions.

Since its inception, MTM WATCH is proud to have introduced numerous unique and innovative firsts to the watch industry.

In 2000, MTM WATCH was the first watch company to integrate three of the brightest LED torch lights, as featured in our Falcon collection. Upon activation, this feature automatically signals an SOS light pattern visible up to 20 nautical miles away.

In 2004, we introduced our Vulture model, featuring a high-tech illumination combination of twelve UV lights that can assist in detecting blood at a crime scene or counterfeit currency.

In 2008, MTM WATCH made another breakthrough in watch technology with the introduction of our RAD model, the world’s first Geiger counter watch developed to detect radiation emitted from radioactive materials.

In 2012, in honor of the Sherman tank used by Allied forces during WWII, MTM WATCH introduced the Sherman 3-Ger, featuring a ball-bearing track-inspired bracelet. Each bracelet link is CNC-machined from solid titanium, precisely connected via machine and polished genuine sapphire of ruby ball-bearings, as opposed to standard pins.

In 2018, MTM WATCH moved deeper into the world of adventure sports, creating watches to meet the specific needs of individuals associated with active lifestyles. The introduction of the Status, set new precedents once again as a tactical smartwatch with analog and compass dials.

Built for action, excellence, and inspiring total confidence in accomplishing all of life’s missions, MTM WATCH remains a first-choice watch brand for countless heroes, leaders, adventurers, and earth-shakers from all across the globe.
Throughout, MTM watchmakers and engineers have stayed true to their original vision as the line continues to evolve. Designed, developed, engineered, and assembled in the United States of America, MTM over the years has effortlessly gained a global following.


MTM WATCH has an undying conviction to create the world’s most unique and durable timepieces. MTM watches are built with unparalleled attention to detail by our highly skilled American craftsmen and women at our Los Angeles, California headquarters.
The exceptionally high quality and durability of our watches mean that they are ready to be deployed no matter what the mission. Each and every MTM watch is designed to meet and surpass the minimum requirements of the united states military standard:

Today / Tomorrow

Though MTM watches are designed for the soldier, the officer, the athlete, and adventurer, these meticulously crafted, incredibly durable timepieces deliver against every demand that your lifestyle commands of them.
MTM pledges never to settle and always look to the future to identify what’s next.