cobra 44


Cobra 44

The limited-edition MTM Cobra, our premier chronograph tactical watch for men, incorporates a classic slide rule bezel with state-of-the-art titanium to create a contemporary and cutting-edge pilot watch.

Dive into the world of elite timekeeping with the MTM Cobra 44, a masterpiece that stands at the pinnacle of tactical and pilot watches. Designed for those who demand precision, durability, and style, the MTM Cobra 44 is a marvel of contemporary watchmaking. Crafted with a meticulous eye for detail, this limited-edition chronograph integrates a classic slide rule bezel with state-of-the-art titanium construction, offering a blend of traditional elegance and modern innovation. The MTM Cobra 44 is more than just a watch; it’s a statement of sophistication and functionality.
The heart of the MTM Cobra 44 beats with a Japanese Quartz movement, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reliability. With a case meticulously machined from titanium and available in finishes like brushed silver, sandblasted grey, and black DLC coating, this watch is both a visual and technical marvel. Its unidirectional ratcheting bezel, combined with a locking, screw-down crown, underscores its readiness for any adventure, whether it’s a high-stakes mission or a business meeting.
Visibility is never an issue with the MTM Cobra 44. The dial, available in brass or carbon fiber across five distinct colors, is protected by sapphire crystal glass that’s both anti-reflective and scratch-resistant, ensuring clarity under all conditions. Luminous hands and indexes, coated with Super LumiNova, allow for effortless reading in low light environments.
Built to endure the most challenging conditions, the MTM Cobra 44 boasts a water resistance of up to 660 feet, making it suitable for diving and extreme weather situations. The inclusion of an analog alarm and a comprehensive chronograph mode, capable of measuring up to 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds, adds to its versatility.
The MTM Cobra 44’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect, from its lightweight yet robust titanium bracelet to its secure, watertight tactical case. Each watch is individually numbered, highlighting its uniqueness and the craftsmanship invested in every piece. With a 3-year warranty, owners can be assured of its lasting performance and durability.
As a blend of tactical precision, pilot functionality, and unmatched style, the MTM Cobra 44 is not just a watch—it’s a companion for life’s adventures, designed for those who demand the very best. Whether navigating the skies or exploring the depths of the ocean, the MTM Cobra 44 is a testament to MTM’s dedication to innovation, quality, and design excellence.
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