MTM Special OPS Featured At GQ Insider

MTM Special OPS Watches was spotted this week in New York City at the Gentleman’s Quarterly Holiday Pop Up also known as the GQ Insider. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, this exclusive GQ event showcased a variety of accessories, menswear, craft goods, as well as some of MTM Special OPS Watches newest models, including the MTM Hypertec Chronograph watch.

Influencers at the GQ Insider had their eye on the MTM Rose Gold Hypertec. The Rose Gold MTM Hypertec is pictured above and boasts elegance with an emphasis on high-quality precision. Pair this watch with slacks and a tie or dress it down with your hiking boots and shorts. This is what we love about the MTM brand; however you decide to utilize an MTM timepiece, you can rest assured knowing it will rise to the occasion.
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