Men’s Health Magazine Features MTM

Men’s Health Magazine has a new face, a new watch face that is. The MTM Predator II Military Tactical Watch arrives on the fitness scene this September with a full-page ad in Men’s Health Magazine!  The cover is titled ‘Unlock Your Power’ and presents Colin Farrell in his blue jeans with a simple, yet nonetheless, rugged look.  His attire is complemented by the red MTM Predator II timepiece.

This sharp timepiece is also an excellent counterpart for the fitness and health conscious.  The stopwatch functionality of the MTM Predator II is invaluable when a split second can mean the difference between winning and losing.  The Predator II has qualities that make it a requisite tool in situations where timing is imperative. For the outdoorsman, the health junky and for the weekend warrior, there are no limits to the MTM Predator II.