MTM Falcon

Take a look into MTM’s Falcon Watch. MTM is known for making serious military and tactical watches and are based in Los Angeles CA. The Falcon 2 boasts unique external and internal lights ranging from blue ambient, torch and signal lighting. 


MTM Special Ops Silver Falcon Tactical Watch review by Watch Chris. 


My Watch Addictions unboxing of  MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Tactical watch review. This rugged quartz tactical watch for men features recharging system using an inductive charger.


“Tool watch” is a term that is thrown around the watch industry a lot. KeepTheTime is known for specializing in some obscure tool watches over the years, but the MTM Special Ops Falcon tactical military watch goes beyond the call of duty by incorporating and actual tool…

Unboxing of Black Falcon Tactical Watch Review

Men’s watch unboxing of a MTM Special Ops Black Falcon Tactical watch review. This rugged quartz tactical watch for men features recharging system using an inductive charger.


The MTM Special Ops Silver Falcon is a watch that I was very excited to review.  I generally prefer a more simplistic watch and stay away from ones with extra bells and whistles, but the Falcon manages to offer the extras while maintaining a very classy profile.  The primary benefit I see in this watch is with the LED torch and strobe lights.  For every day carry situations, having those features on your wrist is pretty cool.

MTM Falcon Watch Review

This summer has been packed with action for MTM, including a website redesign, new media, press, watch models, etc., and once in a while, it’s nice to reflect back and work completed and kudos earned. We recently received watch reviews from a tactical gear company and watch blogger, analyzing, and documenting MTM watch models from their perspective and use. Within the past month, Loadout Room, a gear and adventure company that provides insight into various hunting, shooting, adventure, and outdoor-related activities, featured an MTM Special Ops Gray Falcon watch review. Rex Nanorum wrote the review after taking the watch with him on a trip to Alaska. Rex is native to Alaska but now lives with his family in Oregon, and once was a US Army Ranger with the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt, completing five tours to Afghanistan and Iraq. Rex was quick to put the MTM Special Ops Falcon Watch to the test and begin documenting its pro’s and con’s from his point of view. To read the full review and let us know what you think, please visit the Loadout Room and leave a comment or contact us.

MTM Black Falcon Review

At MTM we understand that it all comes down to what you want in a watch and what it’s worth to you. We know that when it comes to quality timepieces just as there are less expensive options with fewer features there are also more expensive options with added features. We recognize that in most social circles, besides a wedding ring, a fine timepiece is the only other piece of jewelry acceptable for a man to wear. At MTM, we make sure every one of our limited edition timepieces is reliable, bold, and sure to make a statement.

Our friend J. Darwin, law enforcement and firearm enthusiast from the Breach Bang Clear blog recently tested and reviewed the MTM Falcon. You can read the review in its entirety here: Eyes On: MTM Black Falcon. His thoughts on the watch prior to receiving it were that it was going to be heavy and overpriced. However, upon receiving and opening the watertight tactical box that each MTM watch is securely shipped in his perception quickly changed and he states “MTM does not mess around.. the thing [watch] is not light yet isn’t annoyingly heavy”. Mr. Darwin goes on to describe the Falcon and its distinct features and functions. He elaborates on the two features that interested him most, which were; the small LED lights that provide 5 different light mode sequences, and the rechargeable battery. To learn more about the MTM Falcon watch please visit its product page on the MTM Special Ops website, MTM Falcon.

Falcon Review

MTM designed the Falcon to be a large masculine watch. A piece like this has 44mm of width looking its largest. This is because of the very wide lug structure and actual cushion shape of the case. The case thankfully has a diver’s style rotating bezel as well as a water resistance of 100 meters. I think it would have been cool to get the water resistance up to 200-300 meters, as well as make the light function work under water – that would have been cool. The crystal is anti-reflective (AR) coated sapphire.