The MTM US-744X is a limited edition of only 500 pieces that draws its inspiration from the U.S. Navy’s Virginia class submarines launched in the wake of the Cold War — these subs began as smaller, more economical alternatives to the Seawolf class subs they replaced but have evolved over the years to be hardly recognizable to their forebears.


The RAD(short for Radioactive) case has a complete and finished feel. After spending a lot of time with this watch, that is one thing that I noticed. I could tell that MTM spent quite a bit of time in the planning and design phase with this watch. Each of the pushers follows the lead of the large, oversized screw down crown, all of which have knurled edges. All of which are extremely easy to grip and extremely easy to operate. Each functions with absolute precision.

MTM Rad Watch Review by Fog Horn

How many people really know what radiation is and how it affects us? In physics, radiation is described as the energy that is transmitted in the form of rays or waves. Generally speaking, there are three elements of radiation that are of concern to us; alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha particles are slow-moving, have low energy levels, and don’t penetrate clothing or skin but can cause harm if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through open wounds. Beta particles have a slightly higher energy level than Alpha and can moderately penetrate human skin 1 to 2 cm. Gamma particles are forms of electromagnetic radiation commonly associated with x-rays. Gamma rays readily penetrate clothing and human skin and are very damaging depending on exposure.

MTM Rad Review

The MTM Rad radiation detection watch is, with no exaggeration, a unique watch. Very few people will ever need one and those that do will be delighted to find it.