Navy SEAL Approved: MTM Special Ops Silencer Watch

At MTM, we make sure that each of our watches has the tools essential to help you get through the day whether you find yourself in the office or out on the battle field. The latest MTM watch review is by Chief Chris Sajnog, an accomplished US Navy SEAL Sniper veteran, author of the bestselling ‘How to Shoot Like Navy SEAL’, Community Cub Scout leader, and family man.

Since retiring, Chris has dedicated himself to teaching other SEAL’s the strategic art of professional shooting. His experience with firearms and ability to quickly train others has led him to grow from student teacher to premier U.S. firearms instructor/trainer. Sajnog believes that given the correct tools and instruction, everyone can live and work at their highest potential – far above the mediocrity of the masses. Given such a stern and commended background, there is no doubt that former Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog was the right candidate to put the multi-functional MTM Silencer to the test.

We sent Sajnog a black stainless steel Silencer to test and assess. He wore it for a couple of months and recently posted the review on his website. Sajnog digs right in and grants the MTM Special Ops Silencer watch the official Navy SEAL of approval due to its high functionality and aesthetically pleasing demeanor. He goes on to dissect the watch features, composition and functionalities in accordance to it deserving such honor. Sajnog demonstrates and illustrates the many features of the Silencer; it’s rechargeable stand, low-profile analog watch face that appears with the push of a button, and powerful multi-mode lighting system that acts as a flashlight or emergency strobe light, to name a few.

Midway through the review, Sajnog shifts focus from features and functionality to the watch case and band, which are made of one solid piece of stainless steel for protection and durability. He then demonstrates the function of the lock down buttons on each side and compares them in relation to similar watches. Sajnog ends his initial reactions by highlighting the Silencers’ rechargeable lithium battery that once fully charged lasts 2-4 months (depending on usage).

Subsequently, after reviewing the watch features, Sajnog goes on to mention the cost of the watch not being “cheap”. At $895.00, the MTM Special Ops Silencer watch is an investment and like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Consequently, Sajnog points out that you might find cheaper, but you won’t find better. In conclusion, Sajnog gives the MTM Special Ops Silencer the Navy SEAL Approved stamp!