Why Men’s Pilot Watches are the accessory essential of 2021

pilot watches - the men's accessory essential

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Watches are an essential addition to any man’s wrist. They add style and gravitas, and yet their functionality is indispensable. There is certainly no shortage of timepieces to choose from – retro watches, automatic watches, dive watches, automotive-inspired timepieces, to name but a few.

There is one style in particular which seems to have had an enduring appeal for many years now and that is men’s pilot watches. Humanity has a love affair with taking to the skies, and there is a tangible appeal to the watches worn by those who navigate these flying machines. In our opinion, pilot watches are a must-have addition to any horology aficionado’s line up this year. Pilot watches is a fairly broad term of course, and there are many different styles to choose from and something to suit all budgets so, if you’ve got it in mind to add a pilot watch to your wrist in 2021, you’ll be sure to find an option that fits the bill.

For watch lovers, pilot watches hold a certain fascination and an on-going appeal given how closely they are tied in with heritage and a spirit for adventure. Also often referred to as aviation watches, they offer an interesting and unique niche in the world of watches and it’s easy to see why most watch collectors will have at least one pilot watch in their line. But what exactly is a pilot watch? And do pilots actually still wear them? Let’s delve into the exciting world of men’s pilot watches below.

A century of pilot watch history

Needless to say, pilot watches are so-called because of the features they possess which are useful when it comes to navigating the skies. They were first worn by pilots over 100 years ago, prior to the dawn of the high-tech cockpit which takes much of the guesswork out of traditional flying. Flying is inherently dangerous and, in situations where things can take a turn for the worse, timings and quick decision-making are critical, and this is where pilot watches really come into their own.

Timekeeping is crucial for pilots – and a pilot watch needs to be as accurate as conceivably possible given that flight schedules will always be tight. There is also the importance of having an extra back-up time source whilst flying – even with modern aeroplanes, the instrumentation can fail without warning and you’ll need to rely on your trusty wristwatch. During those times of system failure when flying, which is just as likely to happen with a large Airbus or Boeing as a Cessna, owning a pilot watch might just save your life. It is this effortlessly cool cache which means that men’s pilot watches are a real favourite amongst collectors, and there are some real quality options to choose from – particularly like ours which take inspiration from air force and military pilot watches in their design.

There are certain design features inherent in pilot watches which you’re likely to see in any new release from a reputable, high-caliber watchmaker brand. Some of the most important design features you can expect include easily changeable time zones (for obvious reasons), bigger numerals which are legible in low visibility conditions, illuminated dials, a tachymeter for a chronograph (used as they can assist a pilot in calculating their speed based on travel time, or measure the distance they’ve gone so far based on their speed) making for an exceptionally useful tool in any pilot’s arsenal.

An extremely useful accessory

The mechanical aviator watch may seem like an anachronism for some timepiece enthusiasts but, truth be told, it is just as useful and functional today as it always was. Regardless of whether you are a pilot yourself or just searching for robust, adventure ready, classic pilot timepieces, you must own at least one pilot watch.

Most of this type of timepiece are offered as three hand watches – hour, minute and second, with chronograph function and even if you don’t use it for flying purposes, it’s nice to know that you could, if you needed to. A well-crafted pilot’s watch is striking, eye-catching and more aesthetically impactful than most other types of watches on the market. It goes with saying that the features of a pilot watch will vary significantly depending on the budget but you’re sure to find something that has all the features and visual appeal that you’re after because there are plenty of awesome men’s pilot watches to choose from on the market.

And if you’re ready to shop now, check out a few of some of the best pilot watches we offer in our list below:





The MTM Grey Air Stryk I ($1170) is a dependable, adventure ready luxury watch with a black fabric strap that is made especially for men. Two LCD displays showcase many of the watches finer features which includes chronograph mode, up to 5-daily/scheduled alarms, 58 presets + My City (user-defined), a date window and many more.

The Grey Air Stryk I’s extra special solid black dial, stainless case and sapphire crystal glass is more than capable of reaching depths up to 660 feet/200 meters. Meanwhile, the luminous hands offer easy readability at night.

Silver Cobra





The MTM Special Ops Silver Cobra 44 Watch ($1320) is one of our most sophisticated and stylish looking men’s pilot watches and designed for everyday use. Its unparalleled strength and durability is beyond compare and this timepiece boasts a high-grade titanium case with a locking screw-down crown and pushers. As an aviator/pilot watch, this tactical military offering is ideally suited for traveling, whether in the air, on land or by sea. 

The Silver Cobra 44 has a sleek shine that will compliment your lifestyle and watch collection. You can customize this watch with alternative options or purchase as displayed. 



grey air stryk i PILOT WATCH


The MTM Grey Air Stryk I Watch with Green Nylon Band and stainless steel case/bezel ($1170) offers dual analog and digital functions for the perfect timepiece, made for the airman out there. Bold, impactful design makes this timepiece a real head turner and it has all the features you’d demand from an aviation style accessory. 

Including an MTM proprietary quartz Swiss Ronda 763E movement, this is one accurate timepiece and has luminous “Super LumiNova” hands that provide the sort of visibility pilots need in low light conditions. Pilot watch perfection for 2021. Don’t forget – all our pilot watches are available to buy with expedited worldwide shipping options – so no matter where you are in the world, you can own an exclusive MTM pilot timepiece that’s guaranteed to turn heads. We have a range of additional types of watches at different price points if pilot watches aren’t your thing – feel free to browse our huge online selection of chronograph watches, automatic movement watches and more.